a degrassi only sideblog yep

i track zigmvnd tho

Anonymous said: Can you write about how Maya first says I love you and Zig nearly has a goddamn heart attack? 😭💖✨

i kinda switched views towards the end?? idk man

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Anonymous said: do somethin au for zaya!!!!!!! ooh, and can u tell me how their first time went, por favor?

an edit? writing? i suck at au’s in general but if i have an idea i’ll do it

i may or may not have been working on a zaya au fic for the past few weeks

as for their first time…

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Anonymous said: Triles or Matlingsworth?

i triedles

Anonymous said: would you write winston and frankie?

i dont really write bc i suck at writing and second i rarely get inspiration to write, unless its for zaya

its a disease really..

Anonymous said: do you think Zig is gonna get a girl pregnant?

not if i can help it

unless that girl is maya but i want them to have a nice cute clean teen romance and not be tied together bc of a baby, ja feel???

Anonymous said: do you take au requests???? :)


Anonymous said: Zaya or Zori?

i think between japanese sandals and alcohol/porn…

it’s a toughie but imma have to go with alcohol/porn